Fall River Police Department

Mission Statement: To work in partnership with the citizens of Fall River toward providing a safe environment and enhance the quality of life consistent with the values of our community. To accomplish our mission, we will adhere to the values of Professionalism, Integrity, Responsiveness, Sensitivity, Respect, and Openness.

To pay municipal citations online:

Register or Renew Your Vehicle

Vehicles can be registered and registration can be renewed at the Fall River Police Department on Monday and Friday mornings, and Tuesday through Thursday afternoons. Please call 920-484-3707 for available times. The counter fee is $10.00.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment contact Keri Abegglen at kabegglen@fallriverwi.com or 920-484-3707.

Curfew Ordinance

Curfew for the ages of 15 and under is 9pm to 6am

Curfew for ages 16-17 is 11pm to 6am

Curfew ordinance is contained in Title 11 Chapter 5 of the Code of Ordinances

Complaint Process

A copy of the Fall River Police Department Complaint Policy may be found here.




From the Desk of the Fall River Police Department



Curfew News:
The Village Board along with the Police Department wants to let parents and children know that the Village curfew for kids has changed.  If you are 15 years old or under your curfew is 9 pm, seven days a week.  If you are 16 and 17 years old your curfew is 11pm seven days a week.  This does not affect kids coming or leaving from school functions. 

Bicycle News:
The Village Board along with the Police Department wants everyone riding a bicycle to know that riding on the sidewalk is not allowed.  If you are 12 years old or younger you can ride on the sidewalk.  Everyone must follow the rules of the road and have your bicycle registered with the Village.  (Stopping at stop signs, riding with traffic not down the middle of the road, no light on your bike are just some of the rules that are not being followed.)  We have been warning kids and adults of the rules. You could get a ticket!  Another option could be to have your bike impounded.  (You decide for yourself!)  Our goal is to have everyone follow the rules and not ticket riders unless you leave us no choice.   We have gotten a lot of complaints from walkers because of the bicycles being on the sidewalk.

Contact Information

Non-emergency Phone: (920) 484-3707
Emergency: Dial 911
Fax: (920) 484-6201

Mailing address: 641 S. Main St.,
PO Box 37, Fall River, WI 53932

General Email:

Chief of Police: Ronald Spurbeck

Administrative Assistant:
Mike Weisensel


Officer Contacts