Village Board

Village Board Members
Village President Jeff Slotten
Village Trustee Dan Birr
Village Trustee Max Gould
Village Trustee Michael Dykstra
Village Trustee John Ninmann
Village Trustee Judith Robbins
Village Trustee Tom Pawlisch


Public Input Policy

The Fall River Village Board welcomes public input. Citizens may address the Board at regularly scheduled Village Board meetings during the “Public Input” period listed on the agenda. Speakers are asked to keep the following guidelines in mind:

- Individuals wishing to speak must register their intention to do so by signing up prior to the start of the meeting.

- Any supporting materials may be submitted to the Village Clerk prior to the meeting for distribution to Village Board members.

- Each speaker is allowed a maximum of two minutes to address the Board. Additional time may be granted by consent of the majority of the Board.

- A maximum of 20 minutes will be allowed for public input per meeting. Additional time may be granted by consent of the majority of the Board.

- Speakers will be taken in the order of signatures on the sign-up sheet.

- The presiding officer may impose reasonable limitations on citizen’s participation such as barring repetitious, irrelevant, immaterial or inappropriate comments or testimony.

- Profane, vulgar, or threatening language will not be tolerated.

- No action can be taken by the Village Board on items discussed during the Public Input period of the agenda.



Regular meetings of the Fall River Village Board are held on the second Wednesday of the month. Meetings begin at 6 pm and are held at the Fall River Village Hall located at 641 S. Main St.

Meeting notices are posted at the main entrance to the Village Hall, 641 S. Main St., the Fall River Post Office, 203 Steel Rd., and Farmers & Merchants Union Bank, 637 S. Main St.